Crush the Castle 4

Crush the Castle is back and better than ever with its impressive graphics, amazing storyline, and even more levels than ever before in Crush the Castle 4! Smash your way to victory to help the king impress the love of his life! Defeat all opponents in the fewest attempts possible to help your king win over the heart of his one true love. Do you think you can handle it?

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How to Play

Your king has found the love of his life, but she is quite difficult to impress. He has devised a plan for world domination to try to impress her before asking for her hand in marriage. He has sent you on a mission to destroy dozens of castles surrounding his lands in hopes to show his future wife that he is a strong and mighty leader, worthy of her love. Use the trebuchet and the various ammunition the king has provided you to crush your opponents and help the king win the heart he desires the most.


As in previous versions, in Crush the Castle 4 there is a single user control option that players can use in order to successfully complete each of the many levels in the game. Use the left mouse button to reload and shoot your ammunition at the enemy targets.

Crush the Castle 4



Crush the Castle 4 includes many more levels than previous versions of this game has ever offered! Packed with over 100 levels for you to complete, this game is sure to keep your mind busy for hours. The levels are split up between nine different maps.

  • Greenshire - 8 levels
  • Muddy Marsh - 9 levels
  • Blue Peaks - 10 levels
  • Shadow Wastelands - 11 levels
  • Little Canyon - 12 levels
  • Lost Shores13 levels
  • Forest of Yeti - 14 levels
  • Stonegate City - 15 levels
  • Grim Forest - 15 levels

Crush the Catle


Throughout your adventure, you will come across many different enemies, some you may never have believed existed until you saw them with your own eyes! In addition to enemy kingdoms, you will also encounter targets such as orcs, elves, lizards, wizards, zombies (just like in Earn to Die 2) and vikings. Defeat them all to help the king win the heart of the princess.


There is a wide variety of ammunition available in this version of the game. For instance fire bombs will scorch everything in its path, freezing bombs that will freeze everything in its area and surrounding areas, bees nests that will sting your opponents to their death, and many, many more!