Crush the Castle 2

Crush the Castle 2 is packed with more levels, more weapons, and more fun! Defeat enemy kingdoms surrounding your homeland to claim world domination! Earn gold medals in every level to earn your bragging rights.

How to Play

The object of the game is to break down towers and barriers on each level using your trebuchet and a wide range of ammunition. Complete each level within a certain number of shots to receive a gold medal. There are more than 20 levels available to play in Crush the Castle 2. Some are easier than others! As you complete each level, you will unlock the next level, ultimately unlocking more land areas with many more castles to defeat. Additionally, periodically as you complete levels, you will unlock more powerful ammunition to use in your trebuchet.

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Play Crush the Castle 2


Similar to the previous version, in Crush the Castle 2 your primary user control is your mouse. Click your left mouse button to fire, release, and reload your trebuchet. Additionally, you can use your arrow keys to toggle the castle view.


There are many more types of ammunition available in this installment of the game. Each type of ammunition provides a different effect. For instance, your logs will simply knock down walls, while your bombs can blow them to the ends of the Earth!

  • 1 wooden log
  • 3 wooden logs
  • 1 stone boulder
  • 3 stone boulders
  • 1 iron shell
  • 3 iron shells
  • 1 bomb
  • 3 bombs
  • 1 timed fuse bomb
  • 1 parachute bomb
  • and many, many more

Crush the Castle 2 Gold Medal


Unlike the previous version of this game, in Crush the Castle 2, you can unlock over 20 achievements! Some achievements are very easy to obtain, such as the Playing Forts or the I Am Lumber Jack achievements, while others are significantly harder to complete.

  • I Am Lumber Jack - Destroy 10 castles with only log ammunition
  • Air BurstDetonate a remote bomb in flight
  • Death from Above - Hit an enemy target directly with a parachute bomb
  • Logged to Death - Hit and kill an enemy directly with a log
  • You’re Doing It Wrong - Kill an enemy with a remote bomb without detonating it
  • Oh the Humanity - Burn 5 enemies in one shot
  • Electric Boogaloo - Electrocute 5 enemies in one shot
  • A Freeze is Coming - Freeze 3 enemies in one shot
  • I’m MeltingCover an enemy in acid
  • PyromaniacBurn 100 castle pieces
  • Jack Frost - Freeze 100 castle pieces
  • Acidic - Melt 100 castle pieces
  • Bombtastic - Explode 100 castle pieces
  • Prohibition - Destroy 100 barrels
  • Priority Target - Kill the king first on any level
  • Ladies First - Kill a princess or queen first on any level
  • Last Laugh - Kill the jester last on any level
  • Throw like a GirlThrow after the trebuchet has reached its return point
  • My First Castle - Create and share a castle in the Castle Builder

Crush the Castle 2

Castle Builder

Similar to the previous version, in Crush the Castle 2, you can create, share, and play your very own castles! After you’ve created your castle and saved it, you can receive the code for your castle and send it to your friends. Additionally, your castle may be added to the Peoples Empire mode of the game!

Peoples Empire

In the Peoples Empire, you can play the castle creations of other players. There are dozens of castles available, with new ones added daily! If you find one or two castles that you particularly enjoyed, you can “like” it so that other players may decide to try it too!