Crush the Castle 5

Your favorite castle crushing game is back with added features and more challenging levels in Crush the Castle 5. This installment was largely created by players for players, jam packed and launched into one amazingly difficult flash game. Destroy the enemy kingdoms surrounding your lands to claim ownership of their people and their castles.

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How to Play

Use the trebuchet your king has so graciously provided you to smash down all enemy kingdoms surrounding his land. To shoot the ammunition from your trebuchet, click the left mouse button. To reload, simply click again. Complete each level within a certain number of shots in order to claim the gold medals.


The levels in Crush the Castle 5 – Crush the Castle 2 Players Pack -are divided up between five different maps. Each map holds more than 10 levels each.

  • Betsonian
  • South Promonton
  • North Montis
  • Terra Magnus
  • Conalopolis

Crush the Castle 5

Saving the Game

Similar to previous versions, this game automatically saves as you play by using cookies. This allows players to easily stop playing to return again later.

Peoples Empire

After you have defeated all of the castles and earned all of the gold medals in the adventure mode of Crush the Castle 5, stop by the Peoples Empire for some more exciting player-made castles to crush! This section of the game is updated frequently, so you will never need to play the same castle more than once!

Crush the Castle 5 new level

Castle Builder

In the Castle Builder mode, you can design your own castle to share with your friends across the internet! Simply click on a building material you would like to place on the screen, then click again to drop it. There are dozens of building materials you can use to build a massive castle!

  • Building Materials Panelincludes dozens of walls, floors, people and props
  • Terrain Panel - allows you to adjust and transform the terrain and place foundation for your castle
  • Environmentselect from several terrain background images, time of day, as well as the type of weather